How you helped us


Peter and I were blessed to have been cared for by loving family, friends and the
Share the Care group. The above pictures are only a sample of the love and
kindness that they showered on us. We were blessed beyond measure, I have
never been so honored and humbled. Thank you to the brave people that walked
with us on our ALS journey. We were cared for physically, emotionally, financially, socially and spiritually. They were truly the hands and feet of Jesus.

Peter passed into eternity on December 30th, 2012.  He was loved dearly and we miss him so much. There is more information, pictures and stories on this website
under the memorial section.  While Peter was still with us, I posted monthly prayer requests. I left the requests from the last month he was with us. They are below. God is good all the time, he answered all of these prayers.

December 2012 Prayer Needs

  • Peter’s respiratory system is very weak and his breathing is very labored. He must be on his bipap machine about 23 hours a day now. Pray for peaceful breathing.
  • Pray for Peter’s digestive system, its working much better, keep up the prayers.
  • Peter is very tired, his body is very weak. Pray for rest.
  • Peter knows that Jesus will be calling him home. Pray for release at the right time and for no suffering.
  • Andrea, Ryan, Julie, Chelsea and Rob need to release Peter into Jesus’s arms when He calls. Pray for courage, strength and understanding beyond our comprehension when the time arrives.

Share the Care: This is a group of incredible people that took care of us since October 2010. Here are some of the things that they did: bring meals 3x weekly, clean the house, take care of the yard and garden, decorate the house for the holidays, pray for us and with us, come over visits, massage Peters hands, feet and shoulders, plan and bring special occasion dinners, helped with the wedding, home repairs, transportation, bring desserts, give donations, send cards and emails, clean Peter’s teeth and encourage us in our journey.

With a grateful heart,



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