Masters begins week after next

Although I won’t be attending this time, I got a really nice text message from Robert Allenby this weekend saying he is thinking about me and what a hoot the par three contest was last April.

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  1. Jeff Cunningham says:

    Peter – thought about you during the few little glimpses of the Par 3 when it was on last week. We are thinking of you and enjoyed our recent dinner together with you at your place with “Hey Boosh”, Casi and the kids! Hang in there buddy and I will be over soon! (Cougs got close in NIT!!!)

  2. ryan says:


    Hope you are ready for some serious Master’s watching this year! You, me, the couch!

  3. Terri says:

    Hi Peter, Spring is finally here. It’s my favorite season. Can’t wait to see all of the beautiful flowers blooming so I can pick them all, hee hee. Even though it’s been raining, may today’s sunshine bring you and your family peace in your hearts along with smiles. Rooted Life Group continues to pray and think of you and Andrea often. May peace be upon all of your hearts forever. Have a blessed week. PS! What a great
    “Wicked” play! : ) I truly hope both you and Andrea enjoyed your evening out that night. You both looked lovely. God bless you!

  4. Nana Betty says:

    Hi Peter, its a gray day , but tempature not toooooo bad about 50, right now. we just finished our Lenten lunch,, fish as its Friday… JT likes tuna melt, not to bad. Mark is looking much better each day… as long as he does not do too much.. which he dislikes, being almost spring, he sees trees that need sprayed, grapes trained etc.However will have to stay put for now… Tom and Sean will have to do it..Are you having spring weather your way yet ? Heard you had a couple of WSU buddies down your way ? We are with everyday in thoughts and prayers, Peter even if we are lazy about emailing you.. Going to go sit with Mark awhile, so Dora can run some errands.. hugs to you Nana Betty

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