2.21.11 Updates and suggestions from Andrea

Updates and suggestions from Andrea
February 2011

Communication: As Peter’s hands are now weaker it takes longer for him to type.
•    Be patient and give him time to catch up.
•    Plan a visit with him and he will pre-type conversation.
•    Keep visits short about 30 mins is perfect.
•    Watch for nonverbal communication in his face and body.
•    Peter uses his computer to communicate; email, facebook, his
website, text on his ipad.

Physical: Peter is still walking but slowly and needs help on uneven surfaces and stairs. Just hold his arm. His hands are too weak to do most things if you are with him he will need help:
•    Carrying his iPad, or anything else.
•    Opening car doors, seat belts
•    Getting up out of chairs, he needs some help
•    With Clothing.

Food and Nutrition: Peter gets about 90% of his food from his feeding tube. Now, he just eats for fun and taste. He still needs creamy, soft foods that require little chewing, just less of it. Here’s what is best for drinking:
•    Jamba Juice (mango or strawberry), milkshakes (chocolate)
•    Smoothies

Social: This is still very important to Peter but since he gets tired easy its best to plan ahead so he can be rested and to keep it short.
•    Text him at his new iPad number 707-809-9475 to set a time.
•    Call Andrea’s cell at 959-500-9898 to set up a visit or event.
Here’s what works now:
•    Come to the house for a visit, talk, prayer, sporting event,
•    Take him to a movie or on a short walk.
•    Meet us for an appetizer at a restaurant.
•    Meet us for a movie
•    We like to play cards if your patient enough to play slow.

Our schedule: Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30 to 1:30 are good for visits.  Andrea is at work at that time and John (Peter’s care giver) is at the house.

Saturdays or Sundays are best for couple stuff.  Sunday we go to church and can sometimes meet for a lite lunch afterwards.

Contact info:  Peters text NEW Number 707-809-9475
Website www.peterhdevin.com

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4 Responses to 2.21.11 Updates and suggestions from Andrea

  1. Linda Summers says:

    Hi Peter, I’ll be down to visit next week. Hope you can handle both Tracy and I come to visit. I’ll try to keep Tracy under control. See You SOON! :)

  2. KD and DD says:

    P and A,
    Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you!
    Please know that we send loving support………
    KD and DD

  3. Luci says:

    Hi Peter,
    Hope your day is going well. Things in NorCal are good, just a bit soggy. Waiting for spring …Tyler is getting ready to take the SAT for the first time and is busy running track. Hannah, she’s our busy girl, playing club volleyball, running track and playing her violin. Although she sprained her ankle last nite at practice, just a small sprain thank goodness, I’m sure it will only slow her down for few minutes. And Jack, playing baseball. Thats about all I can handle… thankgoodness Tyler is driving now!
    miss you all so much, hope to come for a visit this spring or summer. love you

  4. Terri says:

    Hi Peter,
    Miss seeing you and Andrea at Rooted these past few weeks. I totally understand and just know you are in all of our thoughts and prayers daily. I’ve given my contact info. for any form of need you guys may have. Please call upon me for anything. I am here for you and your family. Smiles and hugs your way~

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