1.6.11 Peter has surgery

Peter had surgery for a feeding tube at UCI hospital yesterday. The tube was needed to maintain his weight and keep up his nutrient and fluid intake. Due to the fact that chewing and swallowing are getting more difficult for him, his doctors recommended the tube. The surgery went well and he is resting at home. There is some discomfort but he should be feeling pretty good in about a week. Peter says it feels like he has 4 broken ribs.  Peter was reluctent to get the tube but the doctor said that he will have more energy. Now he will just eat what he can for fun and get 90% of his calories from liquid nutrition through the tube. We were thankful for the great care of the doctors and nurses, they were so kind to us.Thank you for your prayers.

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8 Responses to 1.6.11 Peter has surgery

  1. Jeff Cunningham says:

    Peter glad the procedure went well and hope you are getting that additional nourishment. I will be over this week–

    God Bless and look forward to catching up
    Jeff C

  2. Linda says:

    I am so glad the surgery went well and that you are getting lots of good calories. That will keep you strong so you can keep going on walks. LOL

  3. Tera Shatsky says:

    Hi Peter and Andrea……you both look so cute in the photo. Glad the surgery went well and that you will have more energy from it. Love and hugs to you both!! XOXO

  4. Jody Snyder (Moll) says:

    I am so thankful the surgery is over and all went well. Now it is time to rest and get strong. God is Good all the time. All the time God is good! This is evident again with all your doctors and nurses care.
    God Bless you

  5. Deanna Kinsman says:

    Hello Peter,
    Thank you for keeping us posted. I look foward to your website for true inspiration!! Glad to see Gods provisions all being met and your loving wife by your side. Keep the pictures coming…………what a joyous time of year to spend with your parents, family & friends!! God bless you & yours……………Deanna :-)

  6. Casi says:

    How is it you two even look great pre-surgery? Amazing! So glad your procedure went so well, Peter and that you are gaining more & more strength daily while gaining needed nutrients and calories made possible through this wonderful, new device.

    Prayers always for continued strength & energy and know that your glowing smile continues to bring smiles to all of us! You are uplifting and encouraging for us all…

    God Bless~

  7. Joyce Devin says:

    Dear Peter,
    So glad the surgery is over. We trust you will bloom from easier food intake. We had Progresso Chicken Corn Chowder from Costco today and thought you would like to try some when you’re ready for a taste treat.
    You care is so good and you’ll heal and rest well now that the nourishment is forthcoming.
    Love to you and Drea,
    Mom and Dad

  8. Nana Betty says:

    Hi Peter, like that classy bonnet you are wearing, so grateful all went well, you will have more energy ,I’m sure you will see after a while. You have great care with Andrea, I know she watches over very closely… hugs nana Betty

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