12.22.10 NEW Bedroom and Bath!

As was mentioned in late October, a family came alongside us and paid for the remodel of our master bath and bedroom which is now totally handicap accessible as well as a lovely retreat for Andrea and me… and its now complete. Thank you friends… for your longstanding friendship and most generous gift.

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6 Responses to 12.22.10 NEW Bedroom and Bath!

  1. Terri says:

    How beautiful! God is absolutely gracious and amazing in how he provides the right resources for you and your family in the nick of time. I can imagine the huge relief this experience has brought all of you knowing the home surroundings will be safe and easily accessible for Peter. Peter, how amazing you now have easy access into areas best suited for you and your needs. I am so elated and can relate to the joyous feeling knowing God is good all the time and he knows every single need necessary and does provide everything perfectly in right timing. It’s also affirmed because he has brought the right friends and family into your path to assist you through your life always. Keep the faith and joy you always have because you eminate God’s love under these circumstances. He will NEVER forsake you. May God be upon you and your family forever and continue bringing his many blessings of love in your path always, yours truly~

  2. Linda says:

    Beautiful, they really changed it, it will be so much better for Peter. I love the bedspread! Love Linda

  3. Tera Shatsky says:

    Wow! Looks great! What an awesome gift – really happy for you guys to have this remodel done…….and so well done too. XOXO Tera

  4. ryan says:

    So happy about the room! It has been so fun to see the peace that the two of you have because of this!

  5. Nana Betty says:

    Thanks for the photo looks a lot different since the last time I saw it, its’ so warm and I love the openess of the bath area… amazing what some noise and work can change into… glad you have the quiet Peter, no more hammers etc. sure was worth it. Great friends who really care for you. hugs Nana

  6. Jenny says:

    Peter and Andrea – It is beautiful! What a total blessing to have such friends – God is Good! Love you both – thinking of you often, and hoping to make it down to visit again in the near future! Happy New Year! xoxo – Jen

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