Merry Christmas 2010

Wishing you the gift of faith,
the blessing of hope, and the peace of His love
at Christmas and always.

With love
Peter, Andrea, Chelsea, Julie and Ryan

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5 Responses to Merry Christmas 2010

  1. Mike & Carol Oas says:

    Dear Andrea and Peter,
    Thank you for the wonderful website which so easily enables to learn your story. I (Carol) have been friends with your parents, now for 40 years here on the Island. You’re blessing us so dearly with your attitude and faith. We’ll continue in prayer.
    Mike & Carol Oas

  2. Patti Skelton~McGougan says:

    Nice Picture. miss you guys.

  3. Mary says:

    What a beautiful card and family. I pray that the holiday season fills you all with peace, love, and joy. We love you M & M

  4. Joyce Devin says:

    It’s a lovely card. May the season fill all with the hope, trust and joy of this event so generously and mercifully established in our lives. See you soon, Mom.

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