12.10.2010 Great Guys…

Great Guys Christmas Lunch…


This year’s been quite a ride, for the world and for the Devin’s
Politics, Sports and Family, as I thought a lot about heaven
But alas here it comes, the past 11 months – bout the world and Devins too
That attempts to capture the years events, and how we made it through

Ain’t it great that we’re back, to the cellar here down low
Where tradition began, thanks to Doug and Jimmy Ho
So cast a long glance… at these great guys amongst us
They’re the best that there is, full of moxie and trust

First of all don’t be sad, at least not for me
Cause I’m blessed with time spent with you and family
As many of you know, its ALS I have
You’re hearing my new voice, on my super cool iPad

Do you even recall, an earthquake occurred… some say was the worst ever
In Haiti it happened, a country so poor… left hanging by a tether
Then Winter Games hit, and the world turned to Vancouver
America won most medals, tragedy struck bobsled with a luger

Scott Brown elected, and the super bowl was won by saints
Hurt locker won Oscar, Obama shows a budget that caused us all to faint
April brought the Masters, and we finally got to go
Caddied in fact for Allenbee, bucket list you got to know

Then came an explosion, off the coast way down south
Tons of oil kept on gushing, Tony Hayward just a mouth
Census workers drive employment numbers up, while Apple beats Bill Gates
McCrystal fired after 33 years, the White House looks like apes

For me the disease progresses, as I lose things one by one
The speech is gone, my hands are weak… but my battles just begun
As it takes some time, for which I am grateful
Friends Family and Faith, are my daily sweet staples

Spend loads of time in prayer, for family friends and these United States
Get letters, cards and eMails too, the losses I really hate
So I relish the things I can still accomplish. like being present with you
My ears are fine, my heart still loves, looking forward is what I do

The Lakers beat the Celtics, and Blogoyovich is convicted
Unemployment hits a record, wiki leaks should be evicted
Chilean miners trapped, but then it’s brilliance hailed
As thirty three souls were lifted out, one by one without a fail

My lovely wife who is a saint, a treasure to behold
Begins to gently care for me, as my body starts to fold
The arms are gone, though they were not much
And I cannot help with any longer, garbage cans and such

For me the Summer was… huge gift of things remembered
My last golf round, last climb up Santiago… with the son I’ve dearly treasured
Family sent us to Florence, first time with the kids, and in June it was accomplished
Agendas clearly missing with pasta and chianti, where joy was not impoverished

Then fall came elections, the dems just lost the house
The leader of the free world after, sure sounded like a mouse
Our friend John Campbell has been tapped, for how the rules are set
Keep him and family in your prayers, for the game’s not over yet

As meals abound and miracles happen, we’ve been blessed with so much help
Our daughter finished college, I hope a job develops
We even have a poker night, tall tales, and guys lose cash
So thanks to all who’ve joined us, cause life ain’t just a dash

I’m grateful for relationships real, not just Christmas but all year long
So thank you each, for making life sweet, and for your friendship strong
God meets us each morning and, wants our story to unfurl
He just wants our focus to be, on Him and not the world

Merry Christmas Great Guys 2010…

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5 Responses to 12.10.2010 Great Guys…

  1. Cindy Sample says:

    Hi Peter,
    It’s Cindy from Nielsen. It’s been a while I know. I have been reading all the updates from you for the past couple of years through Lauren Nielson and others and I am always touched. I wanted to let you know that I am inspired by your faith and courage. Your words always bring tears to my eyes as I imagine the strength it must take for you and your family to get through this each day. The kind of strength only our Lord Jesus can provide. The kind that let’s you see the joy in all circumstances. You and your family are in my prayers as you continue your walk with Jesus and your enjoy your precious time with your family and friends. All the Best~ Cindy

  2. Jimmy HO says:

    May the lord bless you this holiday season like you have blessed us all with your spirit, grace and joy. Merry Christmas great guy.

    Christmas Eve, 2010

  3. Patti Skelton~McGougan says:

    Thinking of you Peter and wishing you all the best. Lots of love and hugs !

  4. Jeff Cunningham says:

    Peter – awesome poem buddy–Happy Holidays to you Andrea and family and let me know if you need ANYTHING! We’ll ring in New Years with brother “Donny” Hatheway and Cheri- in fine style–looking forward!!


  5. terry hartshorn says:

    My first time on website-love the messages,your courage and faith. Have a great Christmas.

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