2.14.16 My Valentine card memory

As I looked at the rows of Valentines cards at the store, a deep sadness came over
over me. What if this would be the last time that I will be able to buy a valentines card for Peter? It is something that I had taken for granted in the previous 31 years. Buying a valentines card, how simple and common is that? As the fear and pain of the possibility struck my heart, I wanted to purchase the whole row of cards. I did not want to lose the privilege of buying a card for the one I love. I purchased 14 cards that day.  I gave one to Peter each day leading up to Valentines Day. Here is the picture of all the cards on our mantel. The other picture is one of Peter and I on a very happy vacation. I share this memory for myself, and to remind others not to take for granted the simple expressions of love like….a valentines card. It was our last valentines day together, as Peter passed on December 30th of that year. I still have all 14 of the cards, I treasure them but more than that I hold dear the memory of who I bought them for. Happy Valentines Day precious Peter…I miss you even more today.

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