6.15.14 Fathers Day Rememberance


Fathers Day is today, and with it brings great sadness for me and the kids. They are missing their Dad. Peter was an involved parent and he really loved being a Dad. His role brought him great joy, and allowed him to use his creativity with the kids. He and I used to plan really fun, homemade birthday parties for them. For Ryan it was cowboys, pirates and super heroes. For Chelsea it was jungle or farm animal themed. As the kids got older, Peter was wonderful at letting  the kids know exactly what the expectations of them were. He would type the list of the expected grades, family involvement, church attendance, chores, curfews etc on a business size card so they could carry it with them. Peter not only loved his kids, he was in love with his kids. It gave him great joy to see them experience the world.
I have so many memories and precious pictures of Peter and the kids. I have posted just a couple. How do you describe over 30 years of parenting together in a post?  I will close by saying, thank you Peter for being such an honorable, godly and loving Dad to our kids. It was a privilege to share this honor with you. Happy Fathers Day Peter, your are loved and honored and your legacy lives on.

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2 Responses to 6.15.14 Fathers Day Rememberance

  1. Mike Petersen says:

    Thanks for this post Andrea. What a legacy!

  2. ryan says:

    Beautiful words mom. He is so missed and was the best at being there for us. I love that he always wanted to spend time with us…really hard to not have him here.

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