10.20.13 ALS Walk of honor

The Orange County  chapter for ALS families held their annual walk. The money that is raised goes directly to help ALS patients and families in need. ALS is a very expensive disease, often with expenses that are not covered by insurance. Care giving is one of those needs. We paid out of pocket when I needed help care giving for Peter. I was so grateful for our wonderful care giver John.
This year my daughter Chelsea and I participated in the walk. As we saw ALS patients and their families, and families that had lost loved ones, our hearts hurt with them. We know first hand how devastating and hopeless ALS can make you feel. On the walk we came upon the sign that the ALS chapter had made for to honor Peter (see the photo). It said “Peter Devin loving husband, Father and Papa, Trusting in God.” It was a reminder to me of the way Peter and I lived our lives; Trusting in God even in the midst of ALS. It is our faith in God that moved us from hopeless to hope filled. It was our faith and trust in God, that He would get us through ALS, and it is now my faith and trust in God that He will show me the way.

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