8.25.13 Our anniversary


I think of Peter everyday. I am reminded of him daily no matter where I am. When someone is in your heart and soul they never leave you. I love that. Today I am reminded of our wedding anniversary. It would have been 34 years today. This is my first anniversary without him, ever. It makes me so sad, and I miss him so much. When sorrow overtakes me I look at happy pictures like this. Its one of our many walks at Crystal Cove. We would walk the beach and talk for hours. Our walking and talking memories are two things that I treasured, we lost those gifts to ALS in 2009.
Thank you Peter for your love and commitment to me, and for the dreams we got to live.  We had a wonderful life together. You have always been a gift in my life. I have been blessed to have been your wife. Happy Anniversary my love, you are with me always.

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  1. Jody Snyder says:

    I haven’t been to Peter’s website in months, yet I can not bring myself to ever delete the email i first recieved when the website was initiated. You both have played such an important role in my life, teaching me to choose JOY. Your words of affrimation to Peter, your acts of love and service will always remain with me. I think of you quite often, I share parts of your story with others, when approproate. I pray you find peace and joy today and live in the comfort knowing that your love knows no boundaries. Happy belated anniversary!
    Loyally, Jody

  2. Joyce Devin says:

    Kern and I are thinking about your wonderful life with Peter at this time, too. Because faith, hope and love never die, we do remember each other. May the best memories always give you comfort and hope for what’s tomorrow will bring you. All love.

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