1.8.13 Memorial Thank You

A memorial service in honor of Peter was held on Monday, January 7th, at Mariners Church in Irvine, California.

We are all so humbled and thankful for the amazing outpouring of support at the service on Monday.  It was beautiful, heartfelt and we know that Peter was honored in every way.

Thank you to all those who came to be a part of this service.  Our family wants to especially thank the many people who helped to made this such a beautiful reflection of Peter and his life and the impact he had on so many people.

Thank you for stopping by Peter’s site.  For those of you who were unable to attend the service on Monday, we will be posting a video next week on this site.

Peter’s obituary was in the Daily Pilot, on Saturday, please click here to view.

In lieu of flowers the Devin Family invites you to join the quest to cure ALS at Augiesquest.org. Please add Peter’s name to the “in memory of” section.

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7 Responses to 1.8.13 Memorial Thank You

  1. Ricardo Brasil Ribeiro says:

    I was very sad to know about the passing of Peter Devin because he was a person I respected and admired very much. He was my store manager in south coast plaza many years ago and he really had an impact in my life and I learned a lot from him. Peter was a man that respected you no matter what position you had. I remember very well a time when I occupied a simple position in the the company and I was walking by Peter Devin and Peter Nordstrom and then Peter Devin called me by my name and introduced me to Mr Peter Nordsrom and said nice words about me and my job for the company. This was just one of the times he showed me how wonderful person he was.
    Anyway, It was very nice to know that he was a christian because I am also one and I will have the opportunity to see him once again when I get to Heaven someday and there it will be no pain and no sadness! It will be wonderful!

  2. Mike Johansson says:

    I grew up on Bainbridge Island the same time as Pete. Our family lived just up the road at Rolling Bay while Pete and his family lived at Manitou Beach. I always considered Pete a fried and a great guy. I was two years ahead of Pete in school. He was in my wife Diane’s class in high school and she knew him well. My brother Jim (“JJ”) worked at Nordstrom’s the same time as Pete did. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Devin family.

  3. Donna Tudor says:

    Andrea and family, So sorry to hear of Peter’s passing. He was an amazing brother-in-law. I loved his smile. Love, Donna

  4. Rob Rask says:

    Hello Andrea,
    I read the obituary in the Daily Pilot today, 5 January 2013. My most heartfelt condolences to you and the family. All of our love and prayers.

    Rob Rask and family.

  5. Dan and Patti Devin says:

    Dearest family,

    On behalf of your Uncles, Aunts and Cousins in the Northwest we want you to know how much our thoughts and prayers will be with you all as Peter’s life is remembered next Monday.

    Words cannot express the inspiration of Peter’s life before, during and now after his time of suffering. His life had such an impact on those of us privileged to part of his extended family but he was so influential to the untold number of people who only knew of him or about him.

    May God’s blessing and healing power be with each of you in the days to come and we will rejoice with you that Peter’s days of suffering are finally over.

    Much love,
    Dan, Patti and the rest of us

  6. Robert Kranc says:

    I am so very sorry to hear that Peter passed!

    My wife, Linda Kranc…..and sister in law, Kathy Ogden…..worked with Peter at Nordstrom for years.

    I got to meet Peter through them……and am so thankful to have known him!!

    He was simply a wonderful guy!!…..always positive and funny!!

    There are people in my life that I consider to be a privelege to meet and know…..and Peter is most certainly that to me!

    Kindest Regards,
    Robert Kranc

  7. Candice Kraushaar says:

    Your family has been in my heart and my prayers ever since I saw the video at Mariners years ago. Although we never met personally I recognized you as we have been at Mariners for a very long time, even when it was a small congregation on Bison. I asked about you often at the bookstore but learned of Peter’s passing on Tera’s Facebook page. As she said, We do know Peter is dancing, singing and loving worship in heaven with Jesus, his savior. Your family is an inspiration for faith and strength. It is a bitter sweet time and I will keep you in my prayers. In His name.

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