11.4.12 You are the miracles in our lives

Prayer at the first Share the Care meeting 2 years agoDear Share the Care friends and family,

Two years ago on November 4th 2010, about 70 of us gathered at Mariners Church. Leslie Ammerman (with the help of Leslie Casserly and Casi Smith) told us how God had put on her heart the idea of forming a “Share the Care” group to come along side of Peter, me and our family. At the meeting Peter played a message that he had typed into his ipad. He talked about how the ALS was starting to effect his everyday life, and daily tasks like shaving and getting dressed were becoming difficult. He reminded us that its important to focus on what we can do, not what we cannot do. He was still walking, eating, and using his hands and arms; but the ALS was weakening his muscles, he had lost his speech, and was already using a breathing device at night. Leslie asked you to fill out forms on how you wanted to help, and you were encouraged to use your own unique gifts.Then Bucky Dennis led us in prayer, you all laid hands on our family and asked the Lord bless us and to lead our group. Many of you joined our group from afar, there are friends and family from Washington, Idaho,other states, and as far away as Italy. There is even a group of ladies in Maryland praying for us.  I remember that Peter and I felt so humbled and overwhelmed by your response, love and willingness to help us in our time of need. You offered to help with meals, housekeeping, yard and garden work, home repairs, handicap remodeling,insurance issues, holidays,family vacations, donations, prayers, visits, back rubs, emails, encouragement, transportation, spiritual support, medical issues, living expenses, work hours, and more.

Fast forward 2 years, so much as happened, and so much has been given… The ALS has progressed and Peter is now completely paralyzed and must be cared for 24/7. He is in a power wheel chair, all his food goes through a Gtube into his stomach, he is on a breathing device about 22 to 23 hours a day, he is very thin as he has lost both weight and muscle mass. He communicates by blinking his eyes on a computer screen. His days are shorter now, he needs to rest more and he is not able to be up more than about 5 to 6 hours per day. Despite all his physical limitations his mind is still sharp, his personality is intact, and he works hard to communicate with family and friends. He doesn’t focus on what he can’t do, but on what he still can do.. He can still pray for others, he can still encourage others, he can still be a husband, Dad, Grandpa, friend, faithful follower of Christ, and he still has that great miracle smile… and a joy from the Lord that shines.

So much has been given…You have helped us in so many ways. Thank you is not a big enough word to express our grateful hearts for all your help.  From the many, many daily needs to special events like a rock garden for Peter’s birthday, and even a beautiful wedding for our Chelsea. From caring for Peter and me, to loving our entire family; Ryan,Julie, Ellie, Rob and Chelsea. From holding us in your daily prayers to emails, visits and spiritual encouragement. You have stepped in whenever there was a need, and you have given of yourself.  You are the hands and feet of Jesus to us. You are the miracles in our lives! God has sent his people to love and care for us in our time of great need. We are so thankful for you. Thank you for being on this journey with us, and for being a part of the Share the Care group for the last 2 years. You have lightened our load, and made our daily lives brighter and happier. You are treasured and precious.

We continue to welcome you into our lives and on our journey…whether you live here or there. Peter and I thank God for you in our daily prayers, we have been blessed beyond measure. We will continue communicate with you on the website, www.peterhdevin.com and through Leslie Ammerman(she is an angel sent by God).

“Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than we can ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us.”   Ephesians 3:20

Love to you all,

Andrea and Peter

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4 Responses to 11.4.12 You are the miracles in our lives

  1. Mary Robinson-Mohr says:

    Dear Peter and family, I have just discovered what is happening in your lives through Facebook friends, and want very much to extend my love and prayers. I go waaaaay back with Peter. I believe we played together as pre-schoolers, and grew up together in Rolling Bay Presbyterian Church. However, as we became teenagers, Peter was one of the very coolest of the cool kids, and I, well, not so much, so we’ve been out of touch for decades. I have been blessed to be an ordained Presbyterian pastor, actively serving as a solo pastor in congregations for 24 years, and now still a pastor, but on disability with too many migraines and “spine stuff” for 5 years. I have a fantastic husband, and we have one 16 year old daughter, Suzie. Mom and Dad passed away in 2002, just 5 months apart, and we were blessed to have them living in the house next door to us here in Bellingham in their last years. Peter, I recall that you and Peter King and Gene Berg were my first pre-school “crushes.” As we all grew, I remember how much you and Richard Berg would crack me up in Mrs. Van Beuzekom’s Sunday School class – I probably didn’t show it, but I thought you two guys were hysterical! You two seemed to have a great friendship. By the way, Ron Van Beuzekom just passed away, and Alice lives near Port Townsend. Anyway, it is so beautiful to see this page, and to see how loved you are by family, church, and friends. I am so sorry you are carrying this burden of ALS, but I also know that sometimes the greatest cure is finding God’s closeness, grace, and love in spite of and in the midst of severe illness. I hope and pray that is true for you. Please greet your dear parents – I used to think your Mom was one of the prettiest women in the world – and your family that I know and the family that I do not know. I am adding you to my long-term prayer list, that you might be given the grace to continue to bless others with your smile and your witness and your prayers. By the way, I assume the bride in the picture is your daughter – she is beautiful, and what a joy she and the rest of your family must be to you! With Christ’s Hope and God’s Love, Mary Robinson-Mohr

  2. Mary says:

    The feeling of helplessness has been lifted because of this amazing group. They are the loving hugs, helping hands, and daily support we are unable to give living living so far away. Thank you for all you have done for Andrea, Peter, Ryan, Julie, Chelsea, and Rob. It has been a testimony of God’s love, he has used this nasty disease to open the hearts and eyes of many. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. Joyce Devin says:

    A grateful thank you for the love and support you, the Care Group, have given Peter and Andrea over the past years. Walking and working with them has so enriched and blessed their lives that it’s unthinkable what it would have been without you. From afar, we stand amazed and humble what your faith and companionship have meant to them, and I hope, to you. We are fighting the good fight. Sincerely, Joyce and Kern

  4. Linda Summers says:

    You have been so blessed to have such an amazing group of friends that have helped you through this journey of faith. Thank you all for helping out Andrea and Peter. Love and Blessings to you all.

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