5.23.11 Helping Hands around the house

On Friday John Cooke, Rick Fortier, Joe Hollett, Ray Rollins and Frank Whitlock¬† came over and had a work day at our house. They took care of the projects and repairs that had been piling up. They washed all the windows, installed a new kitchen faucet, repaired and painted stucco and brick and removed an old gate. Peter and I really appreciate the “helping hands”, since Peter is no longer able to do household repairs its nice to have those extra hands to help out. Thank you to the whole work crew.

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4 Responses to 5.23.11 Helping Hands around the house

  1. Joyce Devin says:

    Sunshine and helping hearts and hands. Thank you so much for the love in action from friends. Andrea and Peter are truly blessed by your care.
    Peter, keep up the eyegaze. Every word you speak through the machine is so appreciated. I’ll remember your Mother’s Day message forever. Much love. Mom

  2. Linda Summers says:

    How wonderful, you guys are so blessed to have some many wonderful friends who truly love you. Thanks to the work crew I know it is a relif to Peter not to have to worry about those things.
    Love Linda

  3. Jenny says:

    I am constantly amazed by all the love and support that is shown on a daily basis for all of you! You are truly blessed! As Peter’s sister, I am thankful for all your loving hands offering all kinds of support for my brother and his family during these challenging days. Thank you! Love you Pete!

  4. ryan says:

    Thanks so much guys for helping around the house. It is so encouraging to know that my folks are surrounded by such amazing people.

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