5.15.11 “For nothing is impossible with God”

Peter and I sat in our kitchen this morning and read our daily devotional “Jesus Calling”. We try to read this book daily and we often feel like it was written just for us, even though we know it encourages others too. In this devotional, the author Sarah Young rewrites bibles verses in the first person so its like Jesus is in the room and speaking directly to you. Today it said” I am a Mighty God. Nothing is too difficult for me…I am not a careless God. When I allow difficulties to come into your life, I will equip you to handle them. Relax in my Presence, trusting in my Strength.” Peter and I are not strong enough alone to face the daily difficulties of ALS, Peter has lost the ability to eat, talk, use his hands and arms and walk, and at times just getting through the daily routine seems impossible….but our Mighty God equips us each day and fills our life with help and support from family and friends. “For nothing is impossible with God”, even ALS. (Luke 1:37)

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  1. Tim Johnson says:

    As always it is good to see that smile. Keep the pictures coming.

  2. Casi says:

    When you’re down and troubled and you need a helping hand
    and nothing…nothing is going right.
    Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there
    to brighten up even your darkest nights.

    You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am,
    I’ll come running to see you again.
    Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call and I’ll be there…
    You’ve got a friend!

    If the sky above you should turn dark and full of clouds
    and that old north wind should begin to blow,
    keep your head together and call my name out loud…
    Soon I will be knocking upon your door.

    Hey, ain’t it good to know that you’ve got a friend?

    You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am
    I’ll come running to see you again.
    Winter, spring, summer or fall, all you have to do is call…
    Lord, I will be there…for “My Friend!”

    Always remember, you’ve got a friend…Oh, yes, you’ve got a friend…

  3. Nana Betty says:

    Love surrounds those who love God, and you both are so surrounded… by His love, by family love, by friends love and concern… we are here always for you, you need only to call and we will be there… love and hugs Nana b.

  4. julie tudor says:

    Andrea and Peter, we think of you often. our daily prayers are simply for endurance, strenght and blessing that you both are set deeply in Gods hands. Love Andrew and Julie.

  5. Terri says:

    How precious!

  6. Mary says:

    Jesus Calling is one of my favorite books too, I often feel it is written just for me too, always the right perfect words at the right time. This is my second time through the book and each time I find something else. May has been an incredible month to read, such powerful words.
    I love you both and know God has you both in the palm of his hands.
    hugs M

  7. jody snyder says:

    Jesus Calling is my favorite devotional. Sarah has such away with words and scripture. She does make you feel like she is writing just to you. Thank you for your continued inspiration. Your Faith is stonger than no other; I pray that God keeps you in the palm of His hand surrounded by His protection and love.

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