4.23.11- The Eyegaze

Peter is now using the Eyegaze which allows him to use his eyes as a mouse to type and enter phrases to communicate even faster. It is a process to get used to, but he is making great headway, and this has already been an amazing tool.

Peter using the Eyegaze which he now lovingly refers to as Hal! It makes communicating around the firepit (one of his favorite places) a bit easier.




It is truly an amazing device and will make communication much easier for Peter.

The device is calibrated to his retina and he simply needs to look at the letter, or phrase that he wants to speak, and the computer selects it.

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  1. My Dear cousin Peter~~ we had many good times water skiing on freezing Puget, as we grew up. Whoever falls in will be very cold, so you taught me how ” not to fall ” !! You enjoyed driving the boat when you got older, and still looked out for me to not fall ! I look forward to you driving a boat at Newport, we’ll ski !!
    ~~~~ Jennie, Linda and I , would stumble over the barnacles, low tide. We would look for periwinkle shells. You could not be bothered. But you were always politely interested.
    You were always a gentleman to me, and I have always been very proud of your
    ( Devin/ Todd ) energy, just as I too, have inherited. You have taken your talent & skills to the max, and now you get to retire, kick back and enjoy ! Allow yourself time for all of us to love you :0)
    I love you and have always admired Andrea, your children and what you have created together !
    You hang in there, and do your physical therapy routines. I had hand surgery and have to lift tiny stupid hand weights for my physical strength- recovery… no big deal, just do it ~~~
    You look great cousin, love to Andrea, and congratulations on Chelsea’s wedding soon to come, awsome !! aloha with love, cousin Monica

  2. Bill Ukropina says:

    Peter, the way you are coping with ALS is an inspiration to me and my family. I have 20 salespeople that work for me and I told them about you and your courage and great attitude. God Bless you my WSU Friend.

    Bill Ukropina

  3. Bruce War says:

    Spoke with Kristi Rummel today and we both are in awe of how you are dealing with ALS. I have so many memories of your encouragement at OR and you kind words, no matter how much stress you must have been dealing with at the show.
    You are truly an inspiration to us all and a reminder of what is really important in this life. Bless you for being exactly who you are. Bruce

  4. Luci says:

    I love all the new pictures, I havent been on your site in a few weeks, so its nice to see how well your new wheels are working, and your eye gaze. I love the huge smile in every picture….always a blessing to all of us. love you both

  5. Jenny says:

    We are so looking forward to seeing you and hanging out! So glad things are all coming together with the home spaces and eyegazes and new wheels! Love you and can’t wait to give you a big Bainbridge/Alaskan hug! Jen

  6. jody snyder says:

    I love how happy you look in this picture! you and all the laddies in a beautiful location with a very high tech tool. Something great for everyone :-)

  7. phillip l. says:

    why does my comment await moderation? how does your site know me already? this is profiling!

  8. Joyce Devin says:

    Happy Resurrection Day! You appear to be collecting many girls with your new techie tools. I’m so glad you have a beautiful audience to work for.
    Jen, Marina, Devin and Dad are here picking up rocks on the beach to make a path to the sand. Mary Town and family spent the day out front with us on a beautiful yesterday. More hands move more rocks. Shades of the past.
    Love to all, Mom and Dad

  9. Mary says:

    that is so cool, can you text on it?
    It is amazing everything you are learning, way to go!
    hugs M

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