4.13.2011 New Changes Around the House

See our recent changes to the house to make things a little easier to get around. Thank you Jim and Ines Franklin for your incredible support and the gift of mobility! We are so thankful.

Ramps were installed in the front entry and from the backyard door to the fire pit (one of Peter’s favorite places)



New wider doorways to make getting around the house that much easier.





Ramp into the front door of the house.


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5 Responses to 4.13.2011 New Changes Around the House

  1. cheryl larrick says:

    Peter and Andrea, I have been folowing your journey. My husband and I lift you up in pray every night. May God give you strength, guideness and peace. We have a wonderful God and what a joy he has given us all to see him some day soon. God Bless. Walter & Cheryl

  2. Jenny says:

    Nice -looks great – I’m there with Mary – the firepit is such a great spot – I’m glad that will have great access for you! Love you both – and we are looking forward to seeing you soon! Big hugs! Jen, Devin and Marina

  3. Linda says:

    He can get all around now it is wonderful. You’ll have to update the pictures with the newest addition to the chair. Thank you for letting me come visit and spend some time with my wonderful sister and brother-in-law. The weather was beautiful also:).

  4. Betty Jan Sandstrom says:

    Dear Drea and Peter,
    I am broken hearted to hear of the incredible difficulties that you have been living with these past few years, but am lifted up by your courage, your faith and the special light and love that has always surrounded you both! It seems like just yesterday that I sang in your wedding – what a beautiful day that was! Know that I am sending up prayers for you as you continue on this journey and am holding you close in my heart! xoxoxo Betty Jan

  5. Mary says:

    It looks great~love that you can get to the firepit, such a great area and I know one of your favorites :) love you M

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