3.27.11 How I am doing

Peter’s wheel chair was delivered last week. Take a look (below) at our first walk around the park together. Even though he is still walking…the chair will give him more mobility now and will be essential for future use.

Peter’s 1st Day Out in the C300

My hands, arms and legs are becoming effected now, as I am a little wobbly and have fallen a few times.  Its weird because I feel the same in my head… but I need my left hand to pick up my right arm as I cannot lift my right arm and hand; and I favor my right leg because my left is beginning to weaken.  Typing is challenging as I can only hit the keys with my left middle finger because the rest of my fingers are curling under.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

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8 Responses to 3.27.11 How I am doing

  1. Linda Summers says:

    Are you ready for a walk next week! Hope I can keep up with you.

  2. Guy Hamer says:

    Peter Hayes

    Good to see you getting around and choosing Joy! I love you my friend.


  3. Tim Johnson says:

    The new wheels look good but I see you more in a racing yellow chair. As for having only one finger that is all most of us use to email any way welcome to the club.
    We are back in OK but will keep up through your site. Know you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  4. Mary says:

    Like the new wheels, glad it will make it easier for you to get around. Drea will have to run to keep up with you :)
    Miss you and think of you daily, you continue to inspire me everyday. Your body continues to give out, but your heart and mind are strong :) You are the best.
    hugs M

  5. Nana Betty says:

    Hi Peter, good to see you out enjoying the nice weather, looks like your wheels fit you well.. now you can keep up with Andrea on walks.. is it easy to control ? have a great day… hugs and blessings your way… nana betty

  6. ryan says:

    Like the wheels Dad. I’m glad that it will be a bit easier to get around when you are tired. See you tomorrow. love ya. Have a great day!

  7. Jenny says:

    Love you Peter! So thankful for the technology that enables you to continue to get around safely and communicate – looking forward to the day that we’ll be down to see you. Snowing again here today – about an inch of new snow…. so much for Spring – but I guess that is Alaska! It is beautiful! Hugs to you – Jen

  8. Joyce Devin says:

    It’s good too see you trying out your latest equipment. So much to learn, you must feel as if you’re in school all over again. I’m thankful the mind and spirit are strong. It’s that body thing that gets you. Keep up the good lessons and enjoy the outdoors as you can.
    All love, Mom

    Isaiah 35

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